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Monday, September 27, 2010

Different types of compressors for home use

Increasing the amount of air in a given area is increasing the pressure inside the container and created a force. Electricity or gas convert kinetic energy by pressurizing air air compressors. The power produced by the compressed air functional industrial, commercial and personal purposes. Compressed air is most gun used to power pneumatic tools like a nail, to fill tires and gas cylinder filling used as those to outdoor grills. The three basic types are specified by compression stages, drive method cooling method and lubrication.

Piston pump air compressors are the most commonly used machines. Are positive displacement tools to complete the work by an air Chamber with hair and then reduce the Chamber volume. A reciprocating compressor can be either single or double Act depending on whether one or both sides of the flask are used.These machines offer a great horse-power range from one up fifty horse powers.Piston compressors are as air or water cooled and lubricated and not lubricated configurations available.

There are two types of rotary compressors: ? rotary screw and sliding vane. Operates a rotary screw compressor fill a gap between two helical mated screws with air, and how the screws are enabled, can the volume of air filled space leading to increased pressure is reduced. Rotary screw air compressors are easy to maintain and operate. You can be air or water cooled and because the compressor occurs within the cooling, the machine offers continuous, pulse-free, high-volume air power.A sliding vane compressor used mainly a slotted rotor and eight blades with varied placement to air in a Chamber to f├╝hren.Der rotor turns, the volume of the Chamber is compressed and pressure to create power. All sliding vane machines are oil lubricated, which well equipped for dirty environments.

Centrifugal compressors are non-positive displacement machines.Use speed to an increase in pressure within a Panel to verursachen.Die speed spinning is powerful machines wheel that accelerate air generated and then slowed with a diffuser makes compressors Druckausgleich.Zentrifugale air verwendet.Sie are commonly used in large commercial or industrial settings through a high speed to reach 500 horse power.

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